Some of the kitchens across the range have multiple options for door colour. If colour is the most important aspect to you in the design of your new kitchen, then this page should help. Below are the kitchens which offer even greater flexibility with multiple colour options. We have also grouped all of the kitchens across the range available in white, black and oyster.

Kitchens with Multiple Colour Options


Bianco Colour Range - CROWN Imperial


Furore Colour Range - CROWN Imperial

Painted Kitchens

These colours are available for the following kitchens: Ashton; Cotswood; Midsomer;

Ashton_Cotswood_Midsomer Colours - CROWN Imperial


The High-Gloss Rialto kitchen has several vivid colours that can be used in combination with each other to create a truly unique style with a high impact.

White Kitchens

White kitchens are a good choice for those wanting to adopt a clean or minimalist finish. They also work perfectly with any other colours that you want to incorporate into your kitchen space. Several kitchens in the A-Z range offer a white option:
Ascot; Bonito; Corbin; Cotswood; Furore; Genoa; Longmont; Metro; Metropolis; Pineto; Rialto; Sofia.

Black Kitchens

Superbly modern and sleek, a black kitchen reflects a bold personality ousing with confidence:
Ashton; Austin; Bianco; Cotswood; Furore; Midsomer; Nixa; Rialto; Rimini; Roma; Topeka.

Oyster and Off-Whites

A very sophisticated and stylish look, the Oyster and off-white finish are very natural tones that almost any other colour. This makes them highly flexible kitchen colours, allowing you to restyle your kitchen with just a few changes to accessories and furnishings:
Ashton; Bahama; Bianco; Bonito; Chetopa; Cordoba; Cotswood; Furore; Genoa; Hadlow; Heathfield; Highpoint; Lexington; Lingfield; Midsomer; Montrose; Newhaven; Oslo; Panama; Pineto; Rialto; Salisbury; Savoy; Victoria; Windsor.