Technical Specifications


Carcase Construction

Carcase Construction - CROWN Imperial

The construction of the interior parts of your kitchen (or the carcases) is what keeps it looking stunning for years to come. The quality of the materials used is as important has how well they are installed.

The carcases used are an 18 millimetre-thick camlock and wooden dowel construction. This allows for straightforward assembly, dismantling and reassembly with no compromise to the structure of the unit. There is no need for the inaccuracy of nails and each panel will arrive with pre-drilled guides. The back panels and shelves are also 18 millimetres thick, giving all-round strength and stability.

The cabinets are equipped with fully adjustable features to make sure they fit perfectly, including independent precision adjustable legs and clip-on hinges with three-way alignment capability.

A hard-wearing two-millimetre thick radius edging adds durability to the cabinets and can be colour co-ordinated with your kitchen design. Choose from a range of twelve colours to complete the look, both inside and out.

The high-specification soft close drawers prevent them slamming shut, prolonging their life and reducing the risk of trapped fingers too! This luxurious feature is offered as standard across the kitchen range.